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I posted this before and after image on Facebook the other night, and I some of you had asked if I could tell you how I edited this image. I asked some of you to email me so I can try to tell you how I did this. I would have never imaged I would received over 150 emails! LOL! So I decided to just try to post a mini tutorial on my blog 🙂 Mind you that I have never done a tutorial, so I apologize if this is confusing. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any further questions 🙂

Step 1: Make sure you take the image in front of a window. This will make the editing process a whole lot easier because you will have that nice outdoor light coming in 🙂


Step 2: Open the image in PS right click on the background layer and click duplicate layer


Step 3: Change your foreground color to white


Step 4: Select a soft tip paintbrush and keep the opacity and flow at 100%


Step 5: Paint the background white. (Do it carefully, make sure to change the paintbrush size to paint over small areas)


Step 6: Bring the opacity down to about 50% (Or as low as you need to see areas that need erasing)


Step 6: Select the erase tool and erase the areas you accidentally painted over.

Step 7: Once you feel your image looks good bring the opacity back to 100%. Editing white backgrounds can be tricky. It may look perfect when you see the image in front of you but be sure to see the screen from all angles to make sure you went over all the areas. I remember when I first started doing this the image would look GREAT, then I would print it and would notice I left some blotches of color or pieces of the background I did not see when I initially had edited it. So please make sure your background is completely WHITE 😉

Step 8: Flatten your image, I usually like my images to look a bit warmer so I run the action from PURE Actions for  Photographers called Warm up That Baby. I bring down the opacity to about 75 or 80 I flatten, sharpen then save 🙂


And VOILLLA 🙂 That’s it….Pretty simple huh?! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Hopefully I made it easy enough for you all to follow the steps!

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❤ Laura Gordillo