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Meet Amber! One word I can use to describe her, is fierce!! She was so nervous about what angle I should take her pics, cause she preferred a certain one! But seriously, no matter what angle I took, she would come out beautiful! Here is a bit of Amber’s story:

It was March of 2009 when I had first felt the quarter sized lump in my breast. I was only a couple of weeks pregnant with my baby girl Danae. I had already been through some horrific experiences that in my mind altered my perception. October 6, 2007 I lost my nephew in a car accident. He was only two years old at the time. Then I suffered even more loss when my first born son was murdered March 6, 2008. He was only fifteen years old at the time. He was a victim of mistaken identity in a drive by shooting. As if that wasn’t enough I lost another sister to breast cancer. My first sister Stacy died of breast cancer in April of 2005. Then I lost my second sister Veronica to breast cancer in April 2010. Shortly after that my dad died of prostate cancer 0ctober 5, 2010. Even with all the losses from cancer I still chose to ignore the lump. I had told previous doctors that my family history was strong and I needed a mammogram they advised me to wait until I was forty. I told doctors I had a lump they asked if it ran on my mom’s or dad’s side, I said my dad’s and they were not concerned with that side. So, when I felt the lump I just ignored it and figured it would go away but that wasn’t the case. October 4, 2009 I had my new edition to the family Danae Wilson. Her birth must have fueled the cancer because the lump started growing excessively. It wasn’t until the lump was more than five centimeters about the size of a tennis ball or bigger that I went in and had my first biopsy. October 31, 2010. I tried to focus on my kids trick or treating that day but it was hard. The doctor had already advised me she was sure it was cancer and would have the results sent over stat but what she knew I still had hope. That hope turned to hard cold reality on November 1, 2010 when she called me and said “You have stage three breast cancer (invasive carcinoma)”. She had already given me Monique Chang’s number my oncologist and referred me there for three to four rounds of chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, three to four more treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.

When I missed my first two appointments at the Ironwood Cancer & Research Center, she received a call from Melissa Veselovsky.

It was like an angel was sent to me . . . an angel of peace and hope.I feel if it wasn’t for Melissa being there I would probably be at home sitting here dying.

I have given my doctor’s hell the past two years fighting this deadly disease. But after extensive amounts of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation I feel like a new breath of fresh air. August 1, 2012 my Pet Ct showed no cancer (remission). I just had another Pet Ct January 2013 and it is still clear of cancer (remission). I admit it was a long, hard, journey but I made it and I did it with my head held high. All of my hair came out but I kept it Glam with different wigs. It was actually fun I got to change my hairstyle every day and played with different looks. I have my Sasha (Beyoncé wig), Kim K wig, and many more. I just played with really long wigs, medium and short bob wigs. It is currently growing back really quick and soft like baby hair. I love the texture. I will be undergoing reconstruction in March of this year and really look forward to my new boobies. Wish me luck! And to everyone who is a survivor to anything in life Lord knows I’ve had my share. When you look in the mirror remember I’m a survivor I’m not going to stop I’m going to work harder cause ladies and gentleman you are on Fire, Beautiful You! Amen!

Make up by Chik a-la Mode

Hair by Theboyz do Hair

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