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I had the absolute pleasure of taking pics of this gorgeous lady at our Beautiful YOU! Event. One word I can use to describe her is FEARLESS! She used to model, and I can sooo tell! She worked the camera beautifully!! I LOVED it! Thank you so much for participating in our event Bekki! It was such a pleasure working with you 🙂 Here is more about this fearless, beautiful, woman:

My Name is Beki Neugart I am a two time cancer survivor, I was first diagnosed with  stage 3 cervical cancer in 1999.  Which meant it spread to my lymph nodes and had to have surgery,chemo,radiation and became very ill and was in and out of the hospital. It was hard because my daughter was only 3 when I was diagnosed.  In a way it was good because I would not want her to remember how sick I was.  My daughter was really my only inspiration, don’t get me wrong my family was there for me but my daughter was the only thing keeping me in the fight.  I didn’t know this till years later but when my Oncologist came out after performing my surgery he told my family that I only had a 30% chance of surviving! I’m glad they chose not to tell me this but I knew because everyone was treating me like I was dying I was in a very dark place.  Through all this my marriage was falling apart as well.  All I know is that my faith played a big role in my healing and I was not leaving this earth because I had a daughter to raise. A year later I was back to work and in the midst of getting a divorce and becoming a single mother.  I still had 6 month follow up’s and scans yearly to make sure everything was good. 10 years later I found a lump on my breast a Pet scan picked up that I had a greater than 6-8 ct mass in my breast.  My Oncologist signed off on my scan as being normal he failed to read my 2nd impression that talked about how I needed a STAT mammogram and biopsy. If it wasn’t for my Rheumatologist who was also aware of my lump and also requested a copy of my Pet scan I would not be here.  Let’s just say that Oncologist was fired..  I went through a lot with doctor’s not knowing what was going on and after almost a whole month of just scans I was finally diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with metastasize to my bone as well. My Oncologist pretty much told me that I was going to die. I was out of there because I was a fighter. Which led me to the Cancer Treatment Center’s of America, my insurance didn’t cover me to go to the center in Arizona but they covered me to go to Chicago, which made no sense to me. I was so happy with my team of doctors that I made the decision to travel back and forth. I do not know to this day how I did it especially when I was going every 2 weeks for chemo. I’m not going to lie it was rough on my body traveling but it was so worth it.  I took this cancer a little bit differently I took it as a journey instead of a diagnosis. I also had a better support system and that made a huge difference. I didn’t feel like I was going through it alone.  I had a positive attitude and finally found a great team of doctors and a surgeon I could trust.  I had 6 chemo treatments, then surgery with a double mastectomy, and they also removed my ovaries after 9 hours of surgery. I was was in a lot of pain they gave me 6 weeks to heal, then I had to go for round 2 of chemo. I was so scared when I first started chemo that I was going to be hospitalized because that’s what happened the first diagnosis. But my doctor was aware of this so he made sure he loaded me up on the nausea meds.  Once I completed my chemo I then had radiation which was a breeze but it also was hard because I had to be away from my daughter and my family for a whole month while I was getting my radiation treatment.  But I met some great people who were also there going through the same thing.  I have been on remission for 3 years praise GOD! I have to get infusion every month for my bones which make me ill and I struggle with pain everyday. I am not complaining because I am here to raise my beautiful 16 year old daughter Brittni.  I believe that there is a reason why I was given a second chance in life and that is why I am so involved with a great organization called Singleton Moms who also has helped me so much. If I can share my story and know that it may help someone along the way then I know my job was done.

Make up by Lisa Legarreta

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