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Meet Mirynda! I did not only have the pleasure of meeting Mirynda, but I had the opportunity of meeting her beautiful children! Mirynda, was such a sweetheart! She was so appreciative, but was embarrassed because she didn’t have someone to watch 2 of her 3 babies and didn’t think she would be able to make it to our event! My friend Dez told her she should still come by and we’d help with they kids. I’m so so glad she did! Her kids were so GREAT! I was wonderful to meet them 🙂 here is her story:

My name is Mirynda and I am a mother of three adorable and sweet babies ages 5, 3 & 11 months. I’m currently not working, but pray that things change after all is done. I love photography, cooking and anything crafty.


In May 2012 I went to the ER for one thing, but came out with you need to get something else checked. After ongoing test it turned out to be a tumor. I had the tumor (cancerous) removed from my kidney in July 2012. In August 2012 I found a lump in my breast and I was not checking for one. After millions of tests it turned out to be a mass or tumor, which turned out to be cancerous. I went through chemotherapy, awaiting surgery and whatever else follows.


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