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Meet Theclia! Isn’t she stunning! I was blown away by this women’s beauty and confidence! With only knowing her 5 minutes, I knew she was a very strong woman! Please know that when I took these images of these gorgeous women, I did not read their stories before hand! Here’s her story :

Okay so here’s my story full of challenges and triumphs. I’m a single mom of 5 great children, 3 girls {22, 18, and 13} & 2 boys {16 and 9}, and have been my main reason for fighting this thing called Breast Cancer. I know that God isn’t finished with me yet, so there’s no need for me to stop fighting now. I almost died in December of 2011 by accident, I had a UTI that infected my kidneys and was traveling through my blood; and I was a full-time college student enrolled in 5 classes stressing and studying for finals. I had a little pain at first that turn ugly fast, but I had one day until my finals and I promised by older girls that I would go to the hospital after my last final. Needless to say it didn’t work out that way, I was rushed to the hospital only to find out that I would have been dead in 3 hours if my daughter hadn’t call the ambulance. So now it’s 2012 and the doctor still has me on bed rest until a day before Spring semester starts, and yep I was trying to get back in school. The doctor approved me to go back part-time, but that meant full-time to me. Well my new doctor started checking me out from my head to my toes, and that included a mammogram. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t had one in two years {so busy getting back into college} and raising my children.

Well I got back to a full load in school and March 2012 was here before I knew it; and I still hadn’t taken breast exam because I was so busy doing life trying to hurry up and graduate so that I could take better care of my family. As we mothers do I was taking my oldest daughter for a MRI on her knee and remembered that I needed to take my mammogram and I just happened to have the order in the car; and they just happened to have an opening with no appointments for two hours. So I took the test and didn’t think any more about it, except that it was another thing that I could cross off of my to-do list. My doctor’s office had been trying to reach me for a few weeks then I received a certified letter on a Saturday from Simon Med stating that I needed to come back in for an intense mammogram & ultrasound. I looked at that letter and said I don’t have time for this I’ll do it after this semester is over, because I had two semesters of final Spring 2012 and Fall 2011. Plus I didn’t think it wasn’t anything to worry about, but deep down inside I knew that it wasn’t good; even though I wasn’t in any kind of pain.
So I waited until May 2012 {after my finals of both semester} to go back, only to find out that what I feared was in fact true. All I could think of was my children and what would they do without me? I am all they have and both are my parents have already passed. Then I had the option between a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, after a week or so I opted for the lumpectomy. After being scheduled for surgery I went for my MRI, only to find out that I had another section of inactive cancer which means that the lumpectomy was no more an option. Now I’m facing a mastectomy single or double, and it really didn’t matter to me anymore at this point. I thought about my 8 year old son and the burden that it would leave for my older girls. I couldn’t believe that I had reached another all-time low but I knew that God was still in control of everything in my life! At this point I’m half way thought this process and I still have the other half way to go; I won’t give up either. I ended up cutting my hair into a bob 2 months into chemo, and shaved my head bald {do to seeing hair everywhere} 12 am Thanksgiving Day. And needless to say I’ve been bald ever since that day, to go from a head full of long hair most of my life to a bob-cut to bald. Wow life is a trip that you don’t always want to go on, but this ain’t Burger King and we don’t get to have all things our way. But thanks be unto God for all the strength that He is daily giving me; still we single moms raise the occasion of paying bills, taking care of kids, washing clothes, doing the yard, cooking (sometimes), homework, need I say more? So this day of make-up & wigs was such a blessing and so much fun. Thank you ladies soooo much for the invite I enjoyed myself so much, and may God continue to bless you all! Grace & Peace to you all…

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