How beautiful is this lady!? She wanted to take pictures with her jacket on because she was very insecure about how she looked! We all told her how absolutely GORGEOuS she looked and needed to take her jacket off! She then told us, “Well I guess I should so I can show off my J-Lo shirt!” I told her I was definitely diggin the J-LO shirt and we needed to take pics without the jacket because the blue definitely brought out those beautiful eyes of hers! Glad she agreed! Isn’t she stunning!! After the session, Jeanie became very emotional. She gave me a huge hug and told me “THANK YOu!” She couldn’t say more she was so choked up, then of course I started crying, then my friend Dez and my twin started crying. We all just huddled up and gave her a HUGE hug! She was just so appreciative for the session. She tells us “I should get dolled up like this often so I can start feeling good about myself!” I just thought to myself, whether she’s dolled up or not she should definitely feel good about herself because she is a survivor, and has overcome so much! Here’s a little bit about Jeanie :

I am a single Mom of a daughter I adopted from China 10 years ago. She is 11. I have breast cancer and am going thtu chemo and radiation now. Thank You, Jeanie Larson

make up by chik a la mode

hair by theboyz do hair


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