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I was so glad to finally meet this amazing couple!! I cannot even imagine how they felt losing their daughter, then opening up their home to 4 of their grandchildren to raise. I commend them for their strength, and admire them for raising such wonderful kids! They are the the true definition of wonderful grandparents! I had a wonderful time taking their pictures! They were so cute and playful with one another, I was so glad to be able to capture these REAL moments for them! Grandpa got so into the session, he was telling me what he wanted me to do! LOL! I LOVED it! We took pics of him in action working on machinery because that’s what he requested! haha! Here is the nomination I received from their granddaughter, whom they helped raised after her mother passed away:
I cant put into words on how much I think my Grandparents deserve this photo session for just the two of them. This couple has had to play their whole life twice not because they had to but because they were put into a situations they had no control over. Losing a daughter who had 4 children, which 2 of them were only 7 month old twins. As if losing their own child wasn’t enough. They took all four kids in with open arms and loved them unconditionally. Not only do they love these children dearly but the love they have for each other is so powerful, they remind me of the movie “The Notebook”. For so many years they have always put everyone else before their wants and needs. When they are needed I can truly say they are the first ones to arrive no matter what they are doing. They made the huge decision and took on the responsibility to become parents once again to 4 children who lost their parents due to cancer (dad) and a car accident (mom). These children lost their parents months apart from each other.
 Not once have they let us fight a battle alone, and always assured us that they love us and will always stand by our decisions. They truly deserve the title “Mom & Dad” from us because that’s all they have ever been to us. God couldn’t have put us into a better set of hand, because I can honestly say are the best thing that could have happened to us. They showed us what to expect in the real world, they showed us how to respect, love and care about those around us. We don’t know why God took our parents, but so happy he blessed us with the best Grandparents ever. I don’t want the photo shoot for us I would like it for just the two of them. I want moments captured of just them, so they can once again remind each other how strong their love is and it’s because of their love that kept us all together. I pray that this can be a gift or them.
Thank You for giving families the chance for opportunities like this. You truly are someone who will one day make a positive change in someones life with your pictures. They true feelings and meanings behind them.
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