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I had the absolutely pleasure of finally meeting and taking pics of this gorgeous, brave, mother along with her son and her parents the other day. I was so excited for this session! Rosalia had been in contact with me for a couple of months before I announced my giveaway. She wanted to book a session so badly and let me know beforehand that she was confined to a wheel chair. She wanted to know if I would be able to achieve to take some beautiful memories for her. She was worried about the wheelchair being an issue for photos and I assured her it wouldn’t! Long story short her sister ended up submitting a nomination on her behalf. I was happy when she was chosen as one of the candidates to win a session! I don’t know anyone more deserving than this young lady specially after all she has been through!

She doesn’t know I am doing this, but if after reading her story and find it in your heart to donate any amount of money to help raise money for her to have an opportunity to attend a rehabilitation facility by the name of Project Walk in Austin, Texas. The average cost for this facility is around $1, 050 a week making it a monthly cost of $4,200.

Please click on the link to make your donation 🙂 God bless you!


Hi Laura

I am nominating my sister Rosalia Mercado for your giveaway. Well where to begin, Rosalia is a 21 year old single mother of a 3 year old little boy and has been a quadraplegic since 2010.

In 2010 she was involved in a roll over car accident in which she broke her neck and loss all function from neck down. With lots of therapy and the will to go on, there has been some movement but not much.  Because of this she missed so much of Dominic’s first’s, she spent from March of 2010 thru November of 2010 in the hospital from the ICU in El Paso to a Specialty Hospital in Denver, CO. Because of him she has pulled through and has an amazing will to live a happy life full of love and laughter. So many people see them and think poor Dominic but that isn’t the case, you see he does not know mom any other way, he has all her love, they play they sing and do as much as they can together with or without the help of others. He goes to headstart and she is present for whatever he has going on. Of course there is so much she cannot do for him as a mother would like too, but she has the full support of my parents that have been there for her since day one and are Rosalia’s hands and feet when it comes to him. He does so much for her he is grandma’s little helper, from giving his mom water to scratching her nose. When he started walking and she had come home he would stand at the feet of her wheelchair so they could go on a ride always asking her to go faster for the thrill of it :).

He turned three in June and the last time they had a photo session together was when he was 6 months old for his first christmas. I know she keeps up with you and admires your work and would love the opportunity for you to take her and her son’s pictures. If it wouldn’t be too much to ask a picture with my parents as well would be wonderfull since they have given up so much of themselves to help her and support them both.

I know it would make her year if you were to choose her for your El Paso shoot.

Thank you very much for your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon.



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