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“I want you to capture the Beauty Of Breast Cancer, I believe even though Cancer is Ugly the Woman is NOT!” This what this lovely lady wanted from this session…and I believe we achieved just that!! She is a triple negative breast cancer survivor, and I am seriously honored to have been chosen to capture these images for her! Kellie has a beautiful soul! She did not let cancer define her! I have never met anyone like her! She has truly impacted my life in a positive way!! Here are a few pics from her session! It was soooo hard to choose…LOVE them all! The pic of her in the white dress has a special significance…she wore that dress the day before they removed her breast! I showed her that image from my camera… and she got soooo emotional she gave my twin sister and I a HUGE hug! We just embraced for a bit and we all cried! She thanked me! But I just wanted to thank her! For being so strong and amazing!!