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We hosted our Beautiful YOU event once again this year, our second year in a row!! It was truly amazing! It warms my heart to know that so many people were so giving and were more than willing to help out which ever way they could to make this event a success! The ladies’ whose pictures were taken are a part of a non- profit organization called Singleton Moms, it is a GREAT organization that helps single parents suffering from cancer. I had the absolute pleasure of working with some fabulous make-up artists and hair stylists who were nice enough to donate their time to glam up these ladies. I, then took some beautiful glamour shots of each of them! I will be posting photos of the ladies that participated, and sharing their bios they have personally written, so you can get to know them as the strong, beautiful women that they truly are!

I cannot say it enough, how amazing and humbling this whole experience was! But we couldn’t have done this alone. It took a wonderful team of people and vendors who volunteered their time, and donated items to help make this event so successful! I’d like to thank the following people/businesses!

Special thanks to my friend Desiree, you are truly amazing! It is because of you that I learned about this wonderful organization. Thank you for all your time and dedication to make this day a memorable one for these deserving mothers!

I cannot thank my twin sister and her hubby enough for opening the doors to their home so we can host the event there. We were pretty stressed not being able to find a location and you were lifesavers to offer your home! We GREATLY appreciate it! 🙂

TheBoyz DoHair

Sugar N’ Spice Coffee & Tea

The Cookie Corner AZ 

Creations by Lore

Chik A’ La Mode

Adriana Garcia/ Makeup & Hair

Sun Valley Masonry for tables and chairs

Connie Benavidez for donation (Bath & Body Works)

Kim & Rick Colburn donated our delicious lunch

Monetary Donors: Melinda Barned, Ofelia Rojas

Juan & Lorena Figueroa for allowing us to host the event in their beautiful home

Beautiful YOU, Phoenix, Arizona, Cancer Warriors,

Beautiful YOU, Phoenix, Arizona, Cancer Warriors,

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