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What can I say about this lovely lady, other than she is truly UH-MAZING! I consider her a great friend who holds a special place in my heart. I have seen her endure so much, and through it all she always has a positive outlook! I admire her and her strength! Her sister is a good friend of mine. She is actually the one who hosts Beautiful YOU with me 🙂

When I first started my photography venture I found out about her sister suffering from cancer. I remember thinking about my sisters and how I would feel if something like this ever happened to them. I couldn’t find the words to comfort my friend. I remember texting her and telling her I’d like to gift her and her family a session. I remember Netis was not feeling very well during the shoot because had chemo that week. But the images turned out beautiful 🙂 It was the most rewarding feeling to do that for them, and that is inspired Beautiful YOU! I heard about Singleton Moms because of these two wonderful sisters. Desiree had mentioned how amazing this organization was  and how much they had helped her sister.  I wanted nothing more but to give back in some way, since they do so much for single parents battling cancer.

Read more of Netis’s story below:

Beautiful YOU, Phoenix, AZ, Cancer, Warriors

Beautiful YOU, Phoenix, AZ, Cancer, Warriors

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Make up by Chik A’la Mode

Hair by TheBoys DoHair

Just 6 months after getting breast implants I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few months before I got diagnosed I went to the doctors for my annual lady check, at this point it had just been 3 months since getting my implants. I had noticed a lump on my breast and it seemed to be getting bigger. I asked my Dr about it at my check up, but he said it was nothing. I explained that my dad’s sister had died from breast cancer. He said because it was my aunt from my dad’s side and not my mom’s I didn’t have anything to worry about. About 2 months later I ended up sick for a few weeks and just couldn’t kick my cold. I finally went to the Dr. they ran some blood tests and thought I might have lupus. When it turned out that’s not what it was they wanted to run some more tests. At this point I told the Dr. while you’re running more tests can you also look into this lump on my breast. She then sent me to get it biopsied and it showed I had breast cancer. The Dr. later told me that the moment she touched the lump she knew that what it was. I was devastated, I was only 29 and felt like someone had just sentenced me to death. I later called the Dr. who had done my annual check up and let him know. He then said that I couldn’t have breast cancer because I was too young. I was so angry. I know how old I am and apparently I’m not because I had it. I went on to have both my breast removed, followed by reconstruction. I think I had like 6-7 surgeries on my breasts including the first implants. I also did a year of chemo. After my treatment I was on remission for almost 3yrs. Just when everything was normal, my hair back to the length it was before I lost it and the cloud of cancer finally no longer hanging over my head…so I thought. January 2011 I went to the ER with severe chest pains. Drs thought it was my heart, and anybody who knows me knows my eating habits…fried, fried and fried some more, nothing healthy. Chemo meds can affect your heart as well. Then they said my heart was just fine. That’s when I became worried that it could be cancer again. After all my scans and test came back, the Dr told me that the cancer was back. Not only was the cancer back but it was in my bones and had spread to my sternum and spine. Devastated cannot even begin to describe how I felt. I got through it once how was I going to do it as again. Can I do it, can my kids and family go through it again? Well I am happy to say that 3 years later I still am here…we are still here fighting! Everyday is hard but one so worth fighting for. Mind over matter. I know it all may sound bad, but my cancer has not been all bad. Due to cancer I have a new outlook on life, I appreciate people, time and things a lot more and value every moment! It has also brought some amazing people into my life. I live everyday to the fullest because it’s a blessing. I will continue to fight with all I have for my 3 boys and with all the support from my family and friends.

Live, love and laugh