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As I am sitting here looking through pictures of you as I have done each and every year. I can’t help but think about the day you were born and feeling so worried and wondering if I was going to be a good mom? I remember driving to the hospital and holding your daddy’s hand, I was so nervous/scared! I recall being in the delivery room and trembling so much because it was so cold in there, or was it nerves? The doctors and nurses kept telling me to relax because today was the big day; I was going to be a MOMMY!!

Your daddy wanted to play it cool but I knew he was freaking out as well! Daddy tends to do that because he wants to keep me calm, he knows I tend to panic! 🙂 I had to have a C-section because the doctor mentioned since I was about 5 months along that you were weighing above the average weight! Your daddy and I were in denial! We kept thinking there is NO way little me 4 ” 11, 104 lbs. me would be able to have a huge baby! But at 7 months along the doctor insisted we definitely do a C-section because you were already weighing 7 lbs.! I am SO glad we listened to him, because you came out weighing 9 lbs. 10.5 oz.!! No wonder mommy was soooo big! LOL!

The clock strikes 8:30 a.m. and God blessed us with the most perfect, beautiful, BIG girl! The moment I laid eyes on you I learned the true meaning of love at first site! It was a feeling like no other, it was indescribable, you were only in this world for a few seconds and already I felt like I had loved you my entire 27 years of life! How could that be possible?

Tomorrow we will celebrate your 4th birthday! Four years does not seem like a long time but I need to let you know that in these short 4 years of you have been in this world you have made the GREATEST impact in my life! It is because of I am the woman that I am today. THANK YOU for being YOU my vivacious, outgoing, talkative, hyper, crazy, polite, kind hearted, free spirited, happy, moody at times, outspoken, clumsy, adventurous little girl! You have kept me on my toes for 4 years but I wouldn’t change them for anything in this world! We have both learned A LOT from each other and our relationship, as mother and daughter will continue to evolve through the years. I know some won’t be pretty but I am ready to embark in our journey together! No matter what happens you must know I will LOVE you unconditionally no matter what!

Here are a few images of the passed 4 years of your life 🙂 Enjoy ❤ FYI My photography skills weren’t as great at the beginning! Keep scrolling down, you’ll see the difference! LOL 🙂 THANK YOU for being my inspiration and my little model!


Your first pictures! You were quite the model, even inside mommy’s tummy!


This is mommy at only 7 months! People thought mommy had a basketball under her shirt! 🙂

Photo credit Stacia Lynn Photography



The moment I laid eyes on you I fell in love!  Our beautiful little family we were not complete!



Newborn pics 2 weeks old look at you! So perfect! 🙂 Photo credit Stacia Lynn Photography


2 & 3 months old 🙂 We skipped 1 month pics cause mommy was very scared to pose you!

2014-05-06_00084 months 🙂 My little fatty! ALL smiles! Starting to have a little personality here!


5 months old 🙂 YES mommy put you in a well! Sorry don’t know what I was thinking! 😉 BUT you didn’t seem to mind!


Had some fun shoots in between! You got some new boots here so thought we’d take some pics of you wearing them 🙂


7 months here 🙂 These were for daddy! GO LAKERS!


Christmas pics @7 months!


9 & 10 months here 🙂 Already trying to stand 🙂 Happy baby! 🙂 YOU LOVED being outside looking at the sky and birds!


Your baptism @ 10 months! Nani & nino bought you the prettiest dress!


Your first Easter at 11 months! Nani made you your very first basket!


Aunt mickie (as you call her ) sent you a cute swim suit! So we took your 11 month pics with it! YOU LOVED it! Didn’t want to take it off!


Boy where has time gone! You are already 1! My little diva! Your tia Gabby cousins and nani had to go crazy behind me to make you smile and laugh!


Your first time at the pumpkin patch! YOU LOvED it and I think you love it even more every year we’ve taken you! You love to pick out your own pumpkin!


Photo credit Serene Images by Stephani Morss       Our first family pics since you were born! LOVE them!


Your first Valentine’s,  Nani and I decided to take you out to a field to take your pics! Your tio Luis made you a cute kissing booth! You were ready for some smooches!!


Second Easter! Nani and I took you out again for some fun pics!

2014-05-06_0004Your great grandma Elena brought you this cute outfit from Guadalajara, Jalisco so we thought we’d incorporate it with you Easter pics 🙂


Now you are 2!! You were obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba! You would dream about them and even sing their songs while you slept! haha! So That was your theme! Nani and I blew up balloons forever! But it was so worth it ! You were soooo happy and your pics turned out so cute!


We were home and you were there just being you! Crazy hair messy and all so I decided to snap some shots!


Having fun at the park! LOVE this pic! Swings are your favorite! You always tell daddy to swing you higher!


Took some father’s day pics for daddy 2013 🙂 Nani took these pics and you made her work for these shots! haha! She was so tired after the shoot!

solei copy 2 2013-09-23_0002 2014-05-06_0027

You modeling some headbands and coat for some vendors in 2013 🙂

solei copy

You and I were in El Paso for daddy’s b day in 2013 but before we left Nani and I took you to a basketball court to take some cool shots of you with Laker gear! My friend Jackie then delivered a canvas and cookies to his office 🙂 He LOVED it! He says you are a future basketball star!


Like Mother like daughter! You are such a GREAT assistant 🙂


Father daughter dance 2013


2014- You and daddy have a date night and he takes you to a father daughter dance! You have gone two years in a row! He says you LOVE it but you don’t dance with him cause you ditch him for your friends! haha ! So it begins!


We went to visit family in the bay in July 2013! We had been to a beach before but we didn’t really go down to the sand water area. This was one of your first encounters with the beach! You LOVED it! You kept saying you wanted to go back after we came home to AZ! Grandpa Art took these awesome pics of us! He did a GREAT job 🙂


Boy have you grown! Look at the difference!


We took the one the purple outfit the day you turned 3! The one in blue we took back in March 2014 and the Doc Mcstuffins we took in April 2014 🙂

Here are 4 years of your beautiful life, documented in pictures! What a incredible 4 years we’ve had!

Happy Birthday my princess Solei! Words cannot express the joy you have not only brought into daddy and mommy’s life but the lives of others! You brighten the room with your smile and you have a personality like no other! I love you with all of my heart (and right now you respond by saying  “I love you with all of my diamonds” OR the other day you responded by “I love you with all of my birthday parties” Crazy girl!) May God bless you with many many more my love!

Love you always and forever,