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Meet BEAUTIFUL Connie! It was a pleasure taking this amazing lady’s pictures! She was a bit insecure at first. She kept telling me how she didn’t like to take pictures because she didn’t think she looked nice in them. I told her she was CRAZY! I showed her a few back of the camera pics and she was so impressed! Just look at the images below! Isn’t she stunning! I kept telling her she had that model in her and worked the camera beautifully! I LOVED capturing her laugh and smile! It was contagious! I couldn’t help but laugh with her! We chatted about her son and all the obstacles she’s had to endure, since being diagnosed with cancer. She has a wonderful spirit and am I thrilled to know her treatment ends in July! PLEASE keep Connie and her son in your prayers!! Read more about her story below:

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Last November, my life changed in ways I couldn’t even begin to imagine. I had been really tired and not thinking clearly for a few months and it was determined that I was severely iron deficient. After being on 1000 mg of iron per day, my levels increased but then severely dropped. I was let go from my job at the end of October because I wasn’t performing up to par. I called my doctor and said let’s figure this out before I get a new job. She recommended a colonoscopy as I had just turned 50 that February. On November 13, 2014, I had a colonoscopy and the dr didn’t even have to wait for the biopsy – he knew that the tumor he had seen was cancerous. My world collapsed and all I could think about was my 12 year old son. How would I tell him? What would happen to him if I died? So many thoughts swirled through my head! My out-patient surgery that day turned into a day long ordeal with me sobbing most of the day. I had to have lots of blood work, a CT scan and other tests. It was all so surreal. The next few weeks consisted of dr appts and testing. Time to process all of this was non-existent and I was putting on the happy positive face for my son while I inwardly suffered with the knowledge that I had cancer and nothing more at that time. I never had time to think before I was in surgery 4 short weeks after the colonoscopy and diagnosed with Stage IIIC colon cancer. Four short weeks after that I was starting chemo. 

>> Life had been turned upside down with no job and having to go through treatment but not fighting was never an option. Figuring out life, treatment and finances became a priority. Singleton Moms has helped alleviate a lot of that. They provided support, friendship and basics that I didn’t even know I needed. The other moms have given me perspective on my situation and I feel truly blessed to know them and to know I am not alone. Having cancer has made me cherish each day with my son, I no longer sweat the small stuff, I say I love you more to more people, and I thank God that my cancer is curable and that it is possible that I will see my son grow up to be an amazing man. My treatment will be done in July. Six months ago I thought that was a lifetime. Now I look at it as the beginning of a new life – one in which I will take nothing for granted because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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